TOS Opening Session

Tuesday, November 12, 2013 | EST

Location: Thomas Murphy Ballroom


Chair: Patrick M . O’Neil

Opening Address

Harvey Grill, PhD, TOS President

Presentation of 2013 Awards & Research Grants and the prestigious George A. Bray Founder’s Award


2013 Early Career Research Grants Recipients

Kristen E. Boyle, PhD; University of Colorado Denver, Aurora, Colorado

The Effect of Maternal Obesity on Skeletal Muscle Cell Differentiation


Kari Johansson, PhD; Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, Sweden
Mentor: Martin Neovius, PhD
Co-Investigators: Olof Stephansson, MD, PhD; Sven Cnattingius, Prof ., MD, PhD, and Ingmar Näslund, MD, PhD

Perinatal and Pregnancy Outcomes after Bariatric Surgery: A Nationwide Cohort Study


2013  Egg Nutrition Center Research Grant Recipient

Nick Bellissimo, PhD Ryerson; University Toronto, Ontario Canada
Co-Investigator: Stephanie E. Cassin, PhD

The Obesity Society is pleased to announce the recipient of the 2013 Egg Nutrition Center Research Grant . The grant is sponsored by the Egg Nutrition Center and is designed to fund a study to look at the impact of macronutrient intake (carbs vs . proteins vs . fats) on overweight and obesity in children . An award of up to $40,000 is given to the recipient for a period of up to two years . Title: “Role of Dietary Protein in a Familiar Breakfast Meal on Subjective Satiety, Food Intake and Thermic Effect of Food in Normal Weight and Overweight/ Obese Children”


2013 George A. Bray Founders Award

Donna H. Ryan, MD, FTOS; Pennington Biomedical Research Center

Are We There Yet? A 30 Year Journey in Obesity Researchvand Its Translation