ASMBS International Development Committee

Tuesday, November 12, 2013 | EST

Location: Dogwood A, Omni

Chair: Samer G. Mattar, MD

Co-Chair: Natan Zundel, MD

1. Introductions

2. Announce winners of International Abstract Awards and discuss if selection mechanism needs refinement and criteria to be better defined.

3. Discounted membership dues for International members. Discuss options.

4. Display current International membership numbers and discuss strategies for increased growth.

5. Discuss the need for International Chapters of the ASMBS.

6. Social networking resources for International members. Should we endorse and/or incorporate Tom Rogula’s International Bariatric Club.

7. Design and conduct an electronic (survey monkey) needs-assessment survey of all our International Members.

8. Develop a Master Bariatric Surgeon program for mentors who would travel and teach (didactic and operative) at International institutions.

9. Discuss collaborative International Research projects.

10. Standardize bariatric surgery training on a global scale; create a global training curriculum.

11. Other business

12. Adjourn