Poster Presentations I

Wednesday, November 13, 2013 | EST

Location: Exhibit Hall A1-A2

Lunch (included with registration)

The following posters will be presented during this session:

Skeletal Muscle Exercise: T-112-P – T-126-P

Insulin Signaling: T-127-P – T-143-P

Genome Studies: T-144-P – T-158-P

Intervention Studies—Behavioral-Pediatric: T-159-P – T-181-P

Intervention Studies—Diet and/or Physical Activity-Pediatric: T-182-P – T-204-P

Intervention Studies—Other-Pediatric Surgical Treatment of Obesity: T-222-P – T-282-P

Cardiovascular and Cancer Epidemiology: T-283-P – T-289-P

Population-Based Studies of Metabolic Disorders: T-290-P – T-329-P

Environmental Determinants of Health: T-330-P – T-355-P

Policy: Environmental/Economic/Health: T-356-P – T-381-P