Poster Presentations II

Thursday, November 14, 2013 | EST

Location: Halls A1-A2

The following posters will be presented during this poster session:

Gastric Bypass: T-382-P – T-397-P

GI Hormones, Satiety, and Microbiome: T-398-P – T-411-P

Body Composition, Modeling, and Thermogenesis: T-412-P – T-429-P

Intervention Studies – Behavioral-Adult: T-430-P – T-479-P

Intervention Studies – Diet with & without Physical Activity-Adult: T-480-P – T-495-P

Intervention Studies – Physical Activity Only-Adult: T-496-P – T-505-P

Intervention Studies – Other-Adult: T-506-P – T-554-P

Behavioral & Social Epidemiology: T-555-P – T-623-P

Physical Activity Epidemiology: T-624-P – T-642-P

Genetic Epidemiology: T-643-P – T-655-P