Poster Presentations III

Friday, November 15, 2013 | EST

Location: Halls A1-A2

Lunch (included with registration)

The following posters will be presented during this session:

Bone:  T-656-P – T-659-P

Adipose – Cellular and Whole Body Studies:  T-660-P – T-682-P

Inflammation:  T-683-P – T-697-P

Brain:  T-698-P – T-705-P

Neuroscience:  T-706-P – T-736-P

Intervention Studies –Pharmacotherapy:  T-737-P – T-756-P

Clinical Practice Based Trials: T-757-P – T-775-P

Clinical Studies on Mechanisms, Including Imaging:  T-776-P – T-791-P

Population Based Intervention Studies:  T-792-P – T-811-P

Nutritional Epidemiology:  T-812-P – T-856-P

Imaging and Biomarkers:  T-857-P – T-861-P

Statistical Methods:  T-862-P – T-868-P

Population Health – Other:  T-869-P – T-920-P