Clinical Management of Obesity Section: Meet the Professor

Thursday, November 14, 2013 | EST

Location: Omni Prime Meridian Restaurant 100 CNN Center

Pre-registration required.

Dr . Denise Wilfley, PhD, FTOS

It is our great pleasure to host Dr . Wilfley who is the Scott Rudolph Professor of Psychiatry, Medicine, Pediatrics, and Psychology and Director of the Weight Management and Eating Disorders Program at Washington University School of Medicine . She has received over $25 million from the NIH to study the etiology, prevention, and treatment of eating disorders and obesity . Dr . Wilfley has developed treatment programs focused on early intervention and prevention in high-risk populations has become a leader in translating these evidence based interventions into the community . She documented the efficacy of family-based behavioral treatment for obesity, while pioneering the use of social facilitation to improve sustainability of weight loss outcomes for families . She co- developed StayingFit, an online, evidence-based model designed to build healthy habits by giving youth and families personalized tools within a community-centered health program .